Michael Paré joins werewolf Horror The Beast Comes at Midnight

Michael Paré has now joined the crew of The Beast Comes At Midnight which is set to film this year in Tampa, Florida.

Philadelphia Native and Film Director of Cult Vampire Film ‘Cold Hearts’ Robert Angelo Masciantonio has also signed on to helm ‘The Beast Comes at Midnight’.

The Beast Movie revolves around a young podcaster (Michael McKeever) who has a penchant for investigating paranormal phenomena, Serial Killers and conspiracy theories.

He discovers his town is under attack by a flesh-eating beast that hunts during the full moon! Nobody believes him, except a popular cheerleader (Kylissa Katalinich) and sideshow fortune teller (Robert Bronzi) hiding his past as a Cold War era Monster Hunter.

Michael McKeever, Kyle Oifer as well as International Action Film Star Robert Bronzi. Bronzi is most famous for his uncanny likeness to iconic actor Charles Bronson.

Bronzi’s films have created their own genre referred to as BRONSPLOITATION by several media outlets and include “Death Kiss”, ‘Once Upon a Time in Deadwood’, ‘From Hell to the Wild West’, the highly anticipated ‘Escape from Death Block 13’ and The Gardener.

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