Shark Pulp Limited Trading Cards Series crowdfunding now

Redwood Creek Films have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a series of Shark Pulp trading cards that feel straight out of the 1950s.

This beautiful and limited card series will celebrate both sharks and pulp magazines of the 50s by showcasing 50 mind-blowing vintage covers.

Those fantastic magazines are gone forever but we can immortalize their memories in this incredible series of trading cards. Help keep the spirit of men’s adventure magazines alive, pledge now to secure your super limited set and snag amazing perks along the way.

This extremely limited run, with each magazine cover scanned in 4K and will be digitally restored. Each authentic wax pack will include a sticker card.

Shark Pulp trading cards will be printed on matte coated cardstock using the Staccato advanced screening technology which produces high-fidelity, artifact-free images that exhibit fine detail, without halftone rosettes, screening moire, and gray level limitations or abrupt jumps in tone.

And it’s not over… Shark Pulp brings back the traditional heat sealing wax pack trading card wrappers, in full color !

Vintage shark action at its best !

Support Shark Pulp Limited Trading Cards on Kickstarter.

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