Christopher Young’s 50 Stages of Fright LP announced

Legendary genre composer Christopher Young is set to release the original soundtrack to Sam Raimi’s 50 Stages of Fright on Notefornote Music.

Two lovebirds. One awful accident. Heather offers Dave a helping hand. Too bad she may never see that hand again.

Christopher Young composed the music for this 3-part episode of Quibi’s 50 States Of Fright.

Written and Directed by Sam Raimi and starring Rachel Brosnahan, Travis Fimmel and John Marshall Jones. This epsiode highlights the brilliance of Christopher Young to the fullest.

Track List is as follows –

Side A:

1 The Golden Arm
2 Therapy For The Dead
3 Compulsive Agony
4 Marina Machina
5 Arpeggio In Blood

Side B:

6 Miserio Amputato
7 End End, Again Again
8 Purgatory
9 Hexter Dexter

This soundtrack will be available on Vinyl LP and digital download, with a limited edition of 200 ‘Blood Splattered’ Golp LPs available.

An extremely limited amount of autographed copies by composer Christopher Young are available for those who pre-order – first come, first served.

Pre-order your copy of 50 Stages of Fright.

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