Skyman review

Directed by one of the co-directors of The Blair Witch Project, Skyman is the story of a man who believes he had an alien encounter as a child and wants to prove it as his 40th birthday approaches.

This film is shot more like a character study documentary of Carl Merryweather, as we explore his family dynamic and follow him on the lead up to what he thinks will be a defining moment of his life.

Carl is quite a fascinating character with almost child-like tendencies which make him endearing at some points but on the flipside quite infuriating.

With Skyman you always wonder if or when it will jump into the fantastical as for the most part it is a fairly grounded story.

It certainly doesn’t hit the heights of The Blair Witch Project, but this is an entirely different story which makes for an intriguing, possibly one time watch.

Skyman screened as part of Shockdown Saturdays from Soho Horror Film Festival.

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