The Neighbor by London Clarke review

It is always interesting to read a novel that straddles different genres and starts out as one thing and becomes something completely different by its conclusion.

This is very much the case with London Clarke’s latest story The Neighbor.

We follow single mother of four Claire as she attempts to juggle working as a psychologist with her parental duties plus a life she wants to keep secret from those around her.

The Neighbor begins as almost a mystery thriller but then descends into a more supernatural element with whispers of the occult.

What Clarke does really well is mesh the story really well so the switches between different motifs feels very organic plus Claire is quite an endearing and complicated character to follow.

The author also crafts some intense sequences and you get the feeling she enjoys putting favourable characters in peril.

A good protagonist is made greater by an even better antagonist and Clarke also succeeds on this account with the mysterious Steele and some surprises along the way.

Thoroughly original with some gripping moments, The Neighbor will have you reading until the wee hours.

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