Hospital Dumpster Divers review

I think my initial reaction to Anders Elsrud Hultgreen’s short Hospital Dumpster Divers was – gooey.

This short film feels like the odd love child of Stuart Gordon and Larry Cohen as a mutant dumpster troll is accidentally brought to life and proceeds to wreak havoc at a waste management facility.

The brilliance of …Divers, is that it feels like Hultgreen has created his own unique world with quirky characters with rules too. Lest we forget the commandments of waste management, like a gross out version of the rules of Gremlins.

Hospital Dumpster Divers is jam-packed with practical gore effects which recalls the golden age of 80s exploitation cinema with tonnes of imagination to boot.

Hospital Dumpster Divers screened as part of Soho Horror Film Festival’s Shockdown Saturdays.

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