Cyst review

YouTube currently hosts hundreds of videos of people popping cysts, so it seems like a no brainer that there would be a film evolving from this concept.

We are brought to Dr. Guy’s surgery where he is developing a new machine, The Get Gone to remove cysts painlessly for patients and a fraction of the cost.

Guy is played such verve by George Hardy who genre fans will recognise from worst movie ever contender Troll 2. Safe to say Hardy is given far more to work with and is a devilish delight whilst on-screen. He is flanked by nurse Patricia who despises Guy and is working her final shift at the surgery.

The Get Gone of course goes wrong and creates a gigantic cyst monster which sets about eliminating all of the staff and patients.

The plot of Cyst does feel plucked out of the Roger Corman playbook but even at a lean 69 minutes it hits all of its comedic beats and is gross out gory when it needs to be.

Director Tyler Russell clearly knew that practical effects were a must here and Cyst succeeds for not going down the CGI route for its set pieces.

If you can handle the gooeyness of Cyst, this is a must watch.

Cyst screened as part of Soho Horror Film Festival’s Shockdown Saturdays.

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