Central Dental review

The overriding thought going through my head whilst watching bizarre short film Central Dental was that there just isn’t enough dentist horror anymore.

It’s not like this obscure sub-sub-genre ever got beyond the two Dentist films of the 90s by Brian Yuzna barring the disturbing short On Edge from 1999, starring one Doug Bradley, which I urge those who aren’t squeamish to check out.

Central Dental is a cautionary tale of always having money to pay for your emergency dental work, or well…you may have to pay a higher price.

This short feels plucked out of the mind of David Lynch at his peak of surrealism, with a bit of gore and a lot of head scratching by the conclusion.

Safe to say you won’t see another film like Central Dental this year.

Central Dental screened as part of Soho Horror Film Festival’s Shockdown Saturdays.

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