From The Depths review

Not many films ever take the starting point of looking at a victim post-shark attack, but this is where From The Depths begins.

Admittedly this is quite an original stance to take, although despite early promise it fails to really get going.

Liz is our lone survivor of a great white shark attack, and very much like An American Werewolf in London she begins to see the victims everywhere as she begins counselling to help get over her attack and potential survivors guilt.

She begins to see the shark everywhere, from in her swimming pool to simply swimming around her house and coming for her. Despite a lean 85 minute running time, much the same as a predatory shark it has the habit of swimming in circles.

The conclusion can sadly be telegraphed well before the end of the film and falls quite flat.

Sadly, From The Depths feels like a missed opportunity to explore a new narrative within the sub-genre of shark thrillers.

From The Depths recently screened as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival’s Shockdown Saturdays.

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