Rush Week (1989) review

Released in the dying embers of the 80s slasher popularity, Rush Week has recently been given the special edition treatment from Vinegar Syndrome.

It feels like a shame that this slasher wasn’t released 8 years earlier as it would certainly have been lauded amongst some of the heavyweights such as My Bloody Valentine and the slew of Friday the 13th sequels.

We follow Toni, a budding student journalist who starts to investigate the disappearances of a number of young girls on campus.

Rush Week has commentaries on fraternities and sororities and gives us a number of likeable characters plus a memorable looking killer with a creepy mask, what’s not to like?

There are some great chase sequences, decent gore and WTF ending which only makes Rush Week all the more endearing.

This forgotten slasher is definitely worth rediscovering.

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