Dark Lullaby by Polly Ho-Yen review

What would we do if a perceived higher judged our parenting and took away our children if it was deemed ‘unacceptable’?

This is one of the major themes playing throughout Polly Ho-Yen’s new thriller Dark Lullaby which is equally haunting and heartbreaking.

Centred on a society where parenting standards are strictly monitored, Dark Lullaby explores the pressures sometimes placed on parents in modern society and the current anxieties of government and mass surveillance in this powerful and terrifying story of one woman’s fight to save her child from a government intent on taking her away.

Dark Lullaby works with a two format approach of ‘Then and Now’ effectively providing exposition as we go, like slowly unpeeling a very sinister onion.

Lead character Kit is a fully fleshed out modern woman who guides our journey, although there is always a lingering fear that she is an unreliable narrator. Ho-Yen is definitely not this, as she deftly guides us through this Black Mirror-esque nightmare until we ramp up to a crushing finale.

While a brisk read, Dark Lullaby has themes that will keep you questioning everyday actions for days to come.

Dark Lullaby by Polly Ho-Yen is available now from Titan Books.

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