Is Legacy the Key to Box Office for Texas Chainsaw Sequel?

With the recent news of the legacy sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre; the question is will it finally yield box office success for the chainsaw wielding killer?

The last attempt to revive the ailing franchise was back in 2017 with the uneven Leatherface prequel, starring Stephen Dorff and Sam Strike. A fairly limited cinematic release before a physical media debut yielded a poultry $1.4 million box office total.

Four years previous the franchise was given a fast-forward sequel with Texas Chainsaw 3D, which was co-written by Jason Goes to Hell director Adam Marcus and starred Trey Songz and Scott Eastwood. With a hefty budget of $20 million behind, the 3D failed to fully galvanise fans back with a worldwide total of $47 million.

In 2003 the franchise was rebooted by Marcus Nispel and Michael Bay, with an updated reboot followed by a prequel; Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning in 2006. The initial remake was a box office smash with a $107 million gross worldwide, officially ushering in the slew of franchise remakes of the 2000s. Its prequel didn’t perform as well, with a respectable $51 million gross from a $16 million budget.

Clearly the team behind the Alvarez-produced sequel have paid attention to the success of Halloween 2018, and looked at a similar plot spread involving and older Leatherface plus lone survivor of the original massacre Sally Hardesty? Will Sally get the Laurie Strode treatment? The smart money is on yes.

But what of Leatherface, who in this timeline would be in his 70s? Will he be part of a new cannibalistic clan or flying solo down in Texas? I guess we will find out when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is released later this year.

Olwen Fouere (Mandy) is set to play the role of Sally with the role of Leatherface being taken by Mark Burnham (Lowlife).

What do you think of this new sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Will it finally yield box office dollars for Leatherface and co? Let us know in the comments.

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