Sound of Violence (SXSW) review

After witnessing a harrowing family trauma Alexis, a young girl, feels an overwhelming sense of exhilaration from the sounds coming from a violent act.

Fast forwarding to her college life, she has a roommate who she may or may not have intimate feelings for and she is now studying experimental sounds as part of her course.

When a unique incident triggers her long dormant desire for the sound of violence it sets her off on a path she may not be able to return from.

Sound of Violence very much plays as a metaphor for addiction, and how it can consume a person and take over their entire life. It has to be said that this is a wholly unique approach from director Alex Noyer, who creates a stunning character that is interspersed with jarring violence.

The film is very much about outsiders too and the fact Alexis is having to build a life without a family structure and guidance from elders, so when she does stray she has no ‘authority’ figure to keep her in check.

Jasmin Savoy Brown is truly spectacular as Alexis, showing both an innocent and a cold-hearted side to a truly complex character.

Sound of Violence is visceral, nightmarish at times and is equipped with a stunning closing set piece that will live long in your mind, ears and dreams.

Sound of Violence screened as part of the SXSW Film Festival 2021.

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