Underwater (2020) review

Taking a theme directly out of the Meg series of books, we journey seven miles down to the depths of the Mariana Trench to join the crew of a research and drilling facility.

The first thing to say about Underwater, is that it wastes no time getting going with the action and chaos really kicking in within the first five minutes which can take the viewer slightly off-guard, but in a good way.

Instead of being exposition heavy to begin with, this film fills in the blanks as it goes and feels better for it. If you are looking for an underwater action film that is more fun than The Meg turned out to be, you need to watch Underwater.

Headed up by a very Ripley-esque Kristen Stewart, this crew is extremely likeable, including the reliable John Gallagher Jr. (The Newsroom) and T.J Miller effectively playing the same character he portrays in the Deadpool movies.

Surprisingly, we do get some gruesome deaths, including one involving the pressure underwater which will shock viewers on first watch. There are similarities to Alien with some of the creature designs here, but the fact they are seven miles under the sea gives it an air of originality.

Underwater also revels in stacking the against its ailing crew as things continually go wrong and we witness how they will get themselves out of the latest scrape. In this instance it does tread familiar ground from films such as the Alien series but it still remains thoroughly entertaining.

Stewart is a superb lead and really shows her acting chops, conveying emotion but mixed with a grittiness which makes her the de-facto leader in these crazy circumstances. This may be Stewart’s best performance to date.

Underwater is a real rollercoaster that offers emotional beats that all land and a memorable villain, that doesn’t suffer from poor computer generated effects.

Watch Underwater on Digital Download now.

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