The Wolf of Snow Hollow review

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is certainly one of the most unique horror films released in 2020.

Jim Cummings, writes, directs and stars in this oddball horror comedy which blends a number of different themes and partially succeeds on most counts.

The small Misery-esque town of Snow Hollow is being terrorised by something (possibly the titular wolf) that is ripping its victims apart and taking parts of their bodies with them.

Fear not though as Deputy Sheriff John Marshall (Cummings) is on the case, although he is also dealing with a divorce, a distant teenage daughter and being a recovering alcoholic. This is ultimately what sets Snow Hollow apart as we have an unreliable narrator in Marshall who clearly has plenty of demons; for instance we open on him in an AA meeting.

Interestingly we have characters who try to look at lore of the werewolf and try to place them into what would be considered a realistic setting.

Snow Hollow is also about how small towns deal with fear and tragic incidents and the sheer paranoia that these murders cause amongst the community. We also have some fantastic gore effects with the attacks being absolutely brutal and the aftermath, in some cases, even more bloody.

Marshall’s father, the Sheriff is played by the late Robert Forster, who is a delightful foil for Cummings in many scenes as they constantly butt heads.

While not completely a werewolf movie or an offbeat dark comedy, The Wolf of Snow Hollow is extremely entertaining and adds something new to the lycanthrope sub-genre.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is available now on Digital Download.

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