Spiral review

Spiral is one of the latest features from the growing Shudder collection which tackles the fish out of water tale from a LGBT perspective.

When a gay couple move to a small rural town with their daughter, they get the sense of underlying prejudice which could mask something far more sinister.

Interestingly, the film is set in the 1990’s with a running theme of fear of gay people, post-AIDS crisis of the previous decade. The social commentary is there for all to see.

Our central relationship between Malik and Aaron feels built on fragile foundations and when this is chipped away ay by Malik’s paranoia things start to unravel.

There is also the added layer of Malik carrying around severe PTSD from a hate crime he and a former partner suffered in the 80s. This theme rolls throughout as his paranoia is only enhanced by the strange behaviour of his neighbours.

Spiral does well holding its cards close to its chest before bursting out during the shocking finale. This is an interesting genre splicer which feels like a dark drama, with hints of the supernatural plus an element of procedural as Malik investigates the town’s past.

While it doesn’t 100% succeed with any of these themes it is a compelling watch and certainly offers something different to genre fans through a lens they may not be used to.

Spiral is available now on Shudder.

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