Hex Studios Wants Your One-Minute Ghost Stories


The Scottish genre outfit behind Lord of Tears, The Black Gloves and The Devil’s Machine is seeking short films for their brand new Channel Hex Online Film Festival.

The festival, slated for early June, will stream the best entries live on Hex Studios’ YouTube channel of almost 400K subscribers.

The rules are simple. The short films must be one minute long, must be horror, and must be filmed either in your own home or garden, adhering to the relevant social-distancing measures in your area.

Anyone with a decent camera phone and a great idea can get involved, and filmmakers are welcome to submit multiple entries.

Lawrie Brewster of Hex Studios had this to say about the project:

“At Hex, we’re passionate about making the film accessible to all. Being based in Fife, Scotland, far from the traditional hubs of industry, we understand the difficulties of being a creative on the fringes. It can be very isolating.

“We’re very lucky these days to have the tools to collaborate together online, whatever our geography, so we wanted to harness those tools to connect aspiring creatives, and also to give their work a platform with our growing YouTube channel. That’s really what Channel Hex is all about.”

In these strange days, creativity can be a great way to stay positive, so if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at filmmaking, now is a perfect time.

The deadline for entries is Monday, the 25th of May. For the full rules and guidelines, join the Channel Hex Facebook group and start creating your next horror masterpiece!

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