Snarl (2020) review


I often say that we don’t see enough great werewolf films, whether in feature or short format.

So when I heard about new indie horror short ‘Snarl’ I felt like my lycanthrope prayers had been answered. What sets this low budget production apart is the unique mix of a period setting and the usual werewolf iconography.

We follow the journey of a pair of siblings who free a mysterious young man who has been captured by their father. Whilst I don’t need to spell out how things pan out for some, Snarl exists in a grey area which adds a compelling layer to the narrative.

Where many werewolf movies are judged, is on their practical effects and thankfully Snarl has something up its hairy sleeve. Using camera tricks the transformation is done quite well and the finished result, given their limited budget is quite impressive.

Watch the trailer for Snarl below –

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