In Search of Darkness: The Definite 80s Horror Doc review


It felt like an Easter miracle when this reviewer received an e-mail saying a special digital version of In Search of Darkness would be available for a limited time.

Billed as the ‘Definitive 80s Doc’, this nearly 4 and a half hour journey was a heartfelt retread to a golden era of horror cinema.

While it could have been easy to just do a by the numbers account of each year in the decades best horror films by general consensus, the makes of In Search Of… go out of their way to find some hidden gems whilst paying homage to the established classics.

With interviews ranging from John Carpenter to the late Larry Cohen and Stuart Gordon; there is a fascinating insight into how films were made during this period and how they were promoted.

We also explore such topics as the Final Girl, nudity in horror cinema and practical effects, which all formed staples of countless films; especially the slashers of this time.

To say this is a must-see if an understatement, as like many a horror fan I feel like I have seen a film about everything, but this documentary shows there’s always more to explore and watch.

The next project for Director David A. Weiner and his team is an all-encompassing documentary about 80s’ science fiction, which if it is as thorough as this will be a sight to behold.

Find out more about In Search of Darkness: The Definitive 80s Horror Doc.



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