1 Survives game review


Taking inspiration from the slasher films of the 1980’s, horror card game ‘1 Survives’ pits player against player whilst aiming to escape the clutches of a maniacal killer.

Players are given locations and weapons to battle against the killer and also the option to effectively throw another player to the wolves, so to speak.

This element alone adds a competitive nature to ‘1 Survives’, which is sometimes lacking in horror gaming. Too often than not players are asked to co-operate to defeat an overall evil, whereas in this game it really is all about you.

The one complaint I have with the game is that it can be a bit too short if the number of players are low, lasting a maximum of 10 minutes in some cases with just two players. Although a pet peeve, the game really shines the more people get involved.

Clearly the makers of the game are big fans of the genre, with plenty of winks and nods to isolation slashers such as Friday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp and with the ‘selfish’ element incorporated it certainly offers players a chance to be an ultimate winner and gloat over your fallen brethren.

1 Survives‘ is available now on Amazon and Ebay.


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