Deadly Manor (1990) review


Jose Ramon Larraz’ Deadly Manor came along at a time when slasher films were pretty much buried.

Successful franchises such as Friday the 13th, Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street were now all starting to have diminishing returns and thus disappearing from our screens.

Deadly Manor, feels like a film that was made in early 1980’s and in terms of the narrative, it is actually quite entertaining.

The kills are creative and although the finale feels slightly rushed, it is certainly a cut above many slashers that came before it.

This was Larraz’ final horror film, having also directed the superb slasher The Edge of the Axe just two years before.

One element that can’t be forgiven in this film is the quality of the acting, which at times is truly cringeworthy.

Only Jennifer Delora’s Amanda and William Russell’s Alfred look like they are taking this remotely serious with the cannon fodder providing extremely wooden performances.

The gothic manor setting is another plus, and truly helps to create dread as our body-count slowly builds, plus Larraz was not afraid to pull the rug out on characters you may think could end up as a final girl or boy.

Deadly Manor isn’t quite as polished as The Edge of the Axe but is definitely worth a watch for slasher aficionados.

Deadly Manor is available now on Blu Ray from Arrow Video.

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