Marketing Macabre offer Free Publicity for Filmmakers

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If you are a struggling indie filmmaker trying to get your film in front of an audience, let Marketing Macabre do the work for you.

They have 12 years experience in the horror game and offer the most affordable solutions anywhere.

We all need help every once and a while, especially now more than ever before. You can’t afford to make the wrong decisions when it comes to your horror film or product. If you have a feature film or short film on VOD, DVD, or Blu-ray that you want to promote, they want to help.

If you have a film festival and you have been forced to go online-only, they want to help. If you have a novelty shop or tee shirt store that needs a boost, they want to help.

Marketing Macabre is a wickedly devilish public relations/marketing / social media company subservient to horror professionals like yourself.

Their undying devotion is to assist horror entities in promoting their diabolical creations well beyond the grave… So if you have anything to do with horror, be it a production company, director, producer, actor, writer, podcaster, singer, etc…, they will craft a campaign “witch” will spellbind you and your evil dominion.

Guidelines on what they are looking are as follows: You must be a new customer, Your project must be horror related, What you want to promote should be a feature film, short film, film festival, or product of some type (examples: clothing, toys, artwork, novelty items)

Marketing Macabre reserves the right to refuse any submission they deem inappropriate or unsuitable.

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