The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy by Paul Kane review


We have had comprehensive chronicles of the Friday the 13th, Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street – and now Hellraiser!

This digest by author Paul Kane takes into account the first eight Hellraiser films with plenty of behind the scenes stories from the franchise.

Kane’s ode to the series is worth the price alone for the stories about Hellraiser: Bloodline, which rivals Halloween 6 for the epitomy of production hell.

Despite poor reviews and poor box office returns, Kane also offers a balanced view on all of the 8 films which offers fresh prospectus on some of the later sequels.

What is unique about this book is how Kane explores themes explored throughout the series and this becomes a real in-depth film study.

Because of his contacts, the author has also added unique pieces of artwork and behind the scenes pictures.

Once you start reading this you won’t be able to put it down and the only disappointment is that it is only 247 pages. Having said this, it is so jam-packed with details that it will feel much longer – in a good way.

The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy by Paul Kane is available now in paperback and Amazon Kindle.


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