Come to Daddy review


Elijah Wood’s latest dive into horror is a unique mix of graphic horror mixed with off-beat black comedy.

We follow Norval (Wood) who has received a message from his estranged father to go visit him and after not seeing him for nearly 30 years their relationship gets off to a fractured start.

Come to Daddy feels like two films crammed into one, with the first brimming with an undercurrent of tension-filled meetings between a father and son who have little to nothing in common.

The second half though turns it up to 11 as the real plot takes hold and the film becomes something entirely different.

This is a layered performance from Wood, who mixes vulnerability and a hardened underbelly when met with adversity.

It is hard to go into real plot points without giving the film away but rest assured the change in tone and pace is handled really well and makes for a gripping watch.

Come to Daddy is not conventional, but again it is not trying to be and because of this it offers something quite original.

I almost forgot to mention the splendid cinematography, especially early on which really captures the isolation of Norval’s father and to some extent, how binary opposite he and his father are as characters.

Come to Daddy is available on 21st February from Frightfest Presents.


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