Stupid Deaths game review

stupid deaths

When scouring the net for the next big horror game to play with friends and family you often read similiar complaints.

The first is that the game is too complicated and thus players lose interest and the second is that said game is too expensive.

Well, University Games have struck a perfect balance with Stupid Deaths, a game that will make you laugh and also appeal to your competitive side.

It can be played by between 2-6 players, with the more people, the higher the stakes.

The basic premise is that players will read out cards with stupid deaths over the centuries and another player has to guess whether it is true or false.

Players advance around the board with correct votes but wrong answers leave you at the mercy of the Grim Reaper himself!

Stupid Deaths is a universal horror game that can be enjoyed by the entire family. I think of it as a tamer cousin of Cards Against Humanity.

Stupid Deaths is available now from all good retailers.



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