Bloody Flicks Awards announces Second Guest


The Bloody Flicks Awards is delighted to announce that renowned Potteries filmmaker John Williams will be attending the event on Saturday 22nd February at the Boiler Works, Stoke on Trent.

John started his filmmaking journey back in 2014, with the feature The Mothertown, which was made on a budget of just £500.

He has since gone on to produce vampire comedy The Slayers and Crispy’s Curse.

John will join Bloody Flicks Festival Director Paul Downey to discuss his latest feature The Tales from the Creeping Death and showcase a short clip from the film.

Tales from the Creeping Death will feature five tales full of horror, comedy and most importantly, Creeping Death, which will make you want to pray for your soul.

John Williams commented,

“I’m over the moon to be invited to this year’s Bloody Flicks Awards, especially as it’s my first time at the event, it’s always good to mix with fellow fans of the genre. I look forward to this immensely and I look forward to seeing you all soon.”

John will join previously announced guests Lou Yardley and P.J Blakey-Novis at the event which will feature a number of independent horror short films and one feature film.

Tickets for the Bloody Flicks Awards are just £3 each and can be purchased on Eventbrite, with the full lineup of films set to be announced on Monday 3rd February.

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