Bloody Flicks Awards announces First Guests

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The Bloody Flicks Awards is delighted to announce independent horror authors P.J Blakey-Novis and Lou Yardley, which takes place on Saturday 22nd February 2020 at the Boiler Works, Stoke on Trent.

P.J and Lou will join Festival Director Paul Downey for a question and answer session to discuss being an independent author, their latest projects and their favorite horror films. Both authors will also have a selection of their latest novels on sale on the day for guests to purchase.

P.J Blakey-Novis is the author of The Broken Doll Parts 1 and 2 plus short story collections Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels and The Artist.

Lou Yardley specialises in horror and dark fantasy novels. She published her first novel ‘The Other’s Voice’ in 2016 and has produced a constant stream of stories ever since. Lou’s novels The Deal Maker and Hellhound were also finalists in Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards.

P.J Blakey-Novis commented,

“Being a writer usually means spending a lot of time alone, so when opportunities like hanging out with other horror fans at the Bloody Flicks Awards come up it is something very exciting. Having been a fan of horror movies for as long as I can remember, and writing horror stories for the last few years, being invited to attend and take part in a Q&A is an honour.

“I’ll be bringing along copies of my collections of short horror stories, my novella Four, as well as a series of horror anthologies which I compiled.”

Lou Yardley commented,

“I adore horror, so you can only imagine my excitement at being invited to be a special guest at the Bloody Flicks awards! Let’s just say there was a happy dance and a yelp of delight.

“Indie horror has an unbelievable amount of talent lurking in its gory, creepy depths and I can’t wait to spend the day celebrating what the horror scene has to offer. I mean, horror has something for everyone, doesn’t it? A decapitated head here… a rampaging monster there… a seemingly invincible ax-wielding killer over there… It’s wonderful! What’s not to love!?

“I’m an indie horror author who tries to mix all of the bloody bits and bobs of horror that she loves into stories before vomiting them onto the page.”

The Bloody Flicks Awards will be a celebration of independent horror featuring a host of short horror films plus a feature film, which is set to be announced in the coming days.

Tickets for the Bloody Flicks Awards are just £3 each, and available now on Eventbrite.

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