The Taking of Annie Thorne by C.J Tudor review


C.J Tudor may only be on her second novel but she is building up a budding reputation for thrillers with a tinge of Stephen King.

The Chalk Man, although at times formulaic was an enjoyable read, but it’s with this story she really cuts loose.

It’s a bumpy ride getting to know central character Joe Thorne, but once we get acquainted his story is extremely compelling and well thought out.

Returning to his hometown after 25 years, Joe is after answers about the death of his younger sister and a mysterious mine in the local countryside.

At times it is a coming-of-age story which recalls stories such as IT and Stand By Me but with hints of supernatural drama (such as Pet Sematary), there is so much more going on.

Although it feels like the story has a number of endings, the exposition they present makes for a more rounded and creepy story.

In Tudor’s stories not everything is as it seems but she handles the twists with ease without telegraphing vital elements of the story.

The Taking of Annie Thorne really gives off the feel of a writer who is maturing as the pages go on.

The Taking of Annie Thorne is available now in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle.

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