Michael Socha joins Tales of the Creeping Death cast


Michael Socha (This Is England, Double Date) has joined the cast of new independent horror feature Tales from the Creeping Death.

Michael is joined by previous cast members Andrew Readman (Vera, Years and Years), Charles O’Neill (House of Screaming Death) and Ricky Tomlinson.

Tales from the Creeping Death is directed by John Williams, the Potteries filmmaker whose previous credits include Crispy’s Curse, The Slayers and The Mothertown.

Tales Of The Creeping Death tells the story of Goose, a seasoned hitman who responds to a call, but this is not the kind of call he was expecting.

Deep into the bowels of the English countryside stands an old gothic mansion, within it waits for Harold. Harold is a very old, disabled gentleman who has called upon the services of Goose. Why on earth would an elderly man like Harold require the services of a hitman? Harold explains as they sit by the grand fireplace, his face glowing from flickering flames ” You need to keep me alive until 3am” commands Harold, he continues “Nobody is coming to kill me and I live alone”

“He’s clearly nuts,” thinks the confused Goose as he relaxes in the large chair by the fire as the growing storm thunders and cracks outside, ready to collect his easy money.

To pass the time, Harold begins to read aloud from a large book of old newspaper clippings, each one making up the four terrifying Tales Of The Creeping Death. Only until the very end will we find out the mystery behind Harold and his invitation to Goose.

Find out more about Tales from the Creeping Death on Kickstarter.

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