House of Screaming Death review

hosd 2

Welcome to Bray Manor, where we are treated to a mixed bag of horror stories from the mysterious Architect (Ian McNeice).

The deliciously gothic setting is the focus of the 4 stories which cover everything from vampires, witchcraft and the occult.

The House of Screaming Death is something of a build of quality, as the stories improve as they go on. The opener is quite slow and doesn’t really fit with what’s to come but the second episode introduces some excellent concepts.

It’s a stylish affair as a young couple are warned not to get caught between two mirrors or else. It’s quite gory when necessary and also introduces the trippy necromancers, which are visually memorable.

 The best of the lot is the tale of a town engulfed by fear after a slew of murders by a vampire. When Thomas becomes a little too curious about the people of the town and its monster, it could cost him dear.

With nods to Nosferatu and even winks to American Werewolf in London, it’s the longest story but certainly has scope to branch out into a more in depth story.

The final story has elements in common with The Conjuring and also Hellraiser, as we explore the occult and how it has infected this Manor.

The finale certainly flips the entire film on its head and certainly enhances the overall package. The House of Screaming Death is slightly long but a heartfelt effort which wears its gothic overtones with pride and is a victory for independent horror.

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