Jaws the Game review


For a film that turns 45 years old this year it may seem like a thankless task to create a strategy game for friends and fans to play.

Ravensburger seems to have taken this mantle and given us something we never thought we’d get; a full-blown game of Jaws.

Forget the failed NES and Playstation incarnations or the snappy children’s game from the ’90s; this is one from the fans, for the fans.

The attention to detail is frightening and although the first turn may feel slightly arduous; much like a shark in the sea, when you hit your stride there’s no stopping you.

Jaws is split into two very different Acts if you will. Firstly we begin on Amity beach where one of the four players is anointed as Bruce, with the other three players choosing between Brody, Quint, and Hooper.

This is very much man vs. fish, as the shark attempts to eat as many swimmers as possible without getting barrels or detected. For our hunters, they are given deterrents, weapons, and barrels to slow down the progress of the shark.

The first act is very much chumming the waters for Act 2 though, as we get aboard the Orca which is under siege from the shark.

The shark’s goal is simple, destroy the boat and maybe try to eat the crew members on the way; whereas the crew must use all their weapons to damage the shark enough to kill it. This is where the strategy comes in, as players can gang up on the shark, but the fish at the same time has to be stealth with their attacks and choose wisely to prevent a repeat of the finale of the Spielberg classic.

Jaws the game will not please everyone, but with a little bit patience and reading the instructions you will find this plenty of fun. I would also recommend doing a dry run amongst players before playing ‘for real’, so everyone is aware of the rules and what they can and can’t do.

Jaws the game is now available from Ravensburger now.

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