Daniel Isn’t Real review


It can be quite common for children to have imaginary friends during times of loneliness in our youth.

But what happens when this friend turns deadly?

This is the basic premise of Daniel Isn’t Real, which features two stellar performances from Miles Robbins (Halloween 2018) and Patrick Schwarznegger (son of Arnie).

Despite a distinctive resemblance this is a fantastic show from Schwarznegger junior, as the devilish imaginary friend who flips from deadly to comedic within a frame.

Robbins also impresses as Luke, who following an incident in his childhood discovers he has an imaginary friend.

What could have played out quite linear becomes something quite surreal in the second half of Daniel Isn’t Real; with some scenes that resemble a fever dream.

This off-kilter approach adds a splash of originality to proceedings, especially when the killing begins.

Daniel Isn’t Real doesn’t hold on the gore either, with some suitably realistic kills that other films pale in imitation of.

As a concept this film works really and is certainly one of the original stories of 2019.

This is a step up for Director Adam Egypt Mortimer, after previous effort in Holidays (2016) and Some Kind of Hate (2015), and has certainly piqued our interest on his future projects.

Daniel Isn’t Real is released on 10th February 2020 on Blu Ray from Arrow Video

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