Stunning Jaws Sculpture coming March 2020


Bruce Shark UK has announced a 1/6 scale model maquette of ‘Bruce’ from Jaws, which will be available in March 2020.

This model will be available to order on the Bruce Shark website from 1st March 2020.

Features include:

Specs: 50” nose to tail
Weight 10kg
Price: TBC
Run: 25 pieces only

Bruce will come with 3 x Barrels, 1 x oxygen tank, height-adjustable stand and numbered/signed COA.

Visit Bruce Shark UK for more information.


  1. As with every shark product that they have sold since April 2015, this is just another direct copycat of the shark products, display stands, accessories and even our product names that we have been selling globally by the thousands since 2007. We have been shipping dozens of larger, more accurate and far more affordable 53 inch long 1:6 Bruce Sharks [3 different kinds BTW] since early Q3 2019. If we created it then suddenly they release one as much like it as they can muster just a few months later. It comes down to whether you wish to deal with pirates or people who have earned a pristine good name in the collectible communities for more than a decade.☺
    Mike Schultz Sharkcityozark.com 2019


  2. I have a 1/10 scale replica of Bruce from Bruce shark UK and they’re absolutely astonishingly accurate. In fact the most accurate replica I’ve seen. I was going to get one from America before I’d heard of Bruce Shark UK, but with the shark and shipping and import it would have cost nearly $1000, so I was so pleased to have found an experienced and friendly builder in the UK. These sharks are amazing and anyone who buys the 1/6 scale will not be disappointed!!


    1. In response to Stuart above, our 3 different 1:6 Bruce Sharks currently selling for many months now were based on the animatronic sharks that we built & operated for the SyFy channel film “GhostShark” in 2012.
      Is this a date that you are edging for?

      We advertised our 1:6 sharks were coming when we had the chance to add them to our online catalog starting in 2017. Could that be an earlier date to prove they are copycatting us Stuart?

      Getting sidetracked working Practical FX for yet another film [our 7th] to release delayed us. So, since Stuart above is looking for dates, once again we were first, advertised first, released very first and yet once again poorly copycatted. And now gigged by UK buddies who comment without all the facts.

      Added to our response for Stuart I will address Simon Raggo above,
      Simon, every shark product, accessory, display stand, advertising style et all that these UK Copycaters have released since April 2015 is a direct copy of one of our over 43 different Bruce Shark products that we have sold globally by the thousands since 2007. Once again we were first and copycatted poorly. Have you been around to see any of that Simon?

      Right down to the “BRUCE SHARK” product name handed to us directly by our longtime Industry friend Joe Alves to personally use for our products. It was Joe’s encouragements that helped us release our first sold out full length 3 foot NTT BRUCE Sharks in 2009.

      And I have Facebook Messenger screengrabs of Matt French bragging at me how they borrowed our product name as they could not bother to think of one better.
      Plus it rides on the back of our 11+ years of online search engine results. Plus they brag they use our sharks to make their better in print.
      sharkcityozark.com = Always first, original every time creating & providing for fans, and copycatted.

      B.S. UK is exactly just that, and if they sell it the facts are we did it first, better and more affordably.

      So if you ‘gents’ are looking for a few factoids there you have it. ☺
      Merry Christmas & ‘cheers!


      1. Hi Mike, So you’re saying they copied a 53” shark model you made for a movie ages ago, that wasn’t based on Bruce right?
        Ok……then your saying the fact that you wrote 1/6th shark on a list of things you plan to do means you and only you own the right to making one that scale from there on…? Wow, that’s impressive. I might write some things down myself and see how that works out….lol! “I plan next year to make a 1/4 scale Frankenstein’s monster. There you go….no one else in the world can make it! That’s that sorted! The fact is, unfortunately, someone has done a better job than you and it hurts! Well, that’s life dude…up your game. That’s obviously what this guy did…his first shark is poor, second better and now it seems he’s got it spot on. Probably because he’s trying harder….’have a nice day!’


      2. Hi again Stu,

        Honestly Stu, you sound like a good friend to have. You seem to be defending the five or so people that call themselves the B.S. UK crew. I know a few more are involved in their team trying to mimic what my wife and I have provided globally since 2007; but that’s the tight core is about 5. Plus Youtube DIY’s of course.

        Regardless, I give you high marks for what you must feel is some horrible prideful American being mean to the underdog. I admire a friend sticking up for a friend. But I admire much more someone with discernment who fact checks and comes down on the right side of good people. With that said, and I do mean this as a compliment towards your character, it compels me to answer you, just for your sake alone.

        What you neglected to admit was that your first comments alluding to the B.S.UKer being first with the never been done before 1:6 Bruce Shark has been proven false. You admit being wrong above on your first strike without apologizing properly for maligning us. Better character would garner some respect here.

        That makes you wrong on your entire first tirade against us. The FX shark we built and operated for SyFy’s 2012 GhostShark was indeed made purposely to be an ode to Jaws in scale, right down to the scale movements and skin flexing. Its in the behind the scenes videos on our sebsite. Sionce 2012… And once again we had released that we were indeed coming out with it to add to our online catalog almost 2 years before the copycatters. So, being first, your mocking[s] against us were wrong. You were wrong Stu.

        So this proves you wrong on 3 counts so far. We did it, we released publicly that we would be selling them and the B.S. UKer’s rushed to beat us. But we have been selling and shipping ours [ 3 different 1:6 Bruce Sharks BTW] for about 4 months now, and theirs might come out in March next year…. soooo you have yet to make a valid factual point. But you are winning at being wrong and false claims. So there’s that..

        Add to this we have Messenger screengrabs with Matt French mockingly admitting to us how they use our products, our accessories, our proprietary created display stands and even our product name to make their ripoffs sell better. Mocking how its almost like we work for them since we come out with it, they get it and make their own spin. So, this makes you wrong once again as they are not simply just “doing Jaws” like us, they are literally “doing us doing Jaws.” A child could see this.

        Everything I have written stands and can be fact checked by anyone not too lazy to want to be in the right, instead of just sounding right-ish.

        Let me put a cherry on top here.
        Every single shark, every scale accessory, display stand et all that the Bruce Shark UK ‘team’ has released has been directly based on a product that we created, distributed globally and have either sold out of or are still selling today.

        If it was not produced BEFORE us, and we were the first to produce and distribute ORIGINAL MATERIAL every single time BUT THEN SOON AFTER the BS copycatter’s put theirs out using our product name btw, then that makes them the lowlife, UNoriginal, lying to fans BS copycatters who don’t even have the good character to think of their own product name, let alone something original.
        Hands down, bar none. You gents do not have a leg to stand on here.

        And BTW Stu, in our 47 plus ORIGINAL & DIFFERENT shark products released to over 7000 people worldwide since 2007, we copied nobody save getting that shark as correct as possible with the help of the people that made and operated it like Joe Alves and Cal Acord. People that know what trash the BS UKer’s are.

        The biggest names in the Industry from Universal, Disney, Pixar, singers, directors, actors and actresses by the hundreds are our paying clients. Take a look at our Happy Customer Gallery online Stu. They know some things about us and the BS Uker that you don’t seem to. They are our paying customers and Industry friends, like Greg Nicotero. We custom build for them as clients, we don’t just send them a free shark and then lie online that they bought one from us like team BS UKers did April 2015 when they maligned my friend Greg Nicotero on Facebook for a quick buck. Which we exposed them for when I posted up Greg’s email to me to use online to set the record straight. Very embarrassing for them to be caught duping fans like that. The first time that is. They have a problem with lying to the fan community like this, do you?

        If you cannot roll with this very proper and upright, not to mention fact-check-able correction to your unfounded attacks without apologizing for your wrong behavior & statements, then you are not worthy of further correction. We don’t just sound right, we are right. No blood on our hands.


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