Don’t Get Stabbed review


We are living in a golden age for horror fans, with so many activities other than just watching the films.

We can go to conventions, horror-themed scare parks and now we get our very own slasher style card game from Rookie Mage Games.

Don’t Get Stabbed is a straight-forward enough card game, which pits a killer against a group of victims in true slasher style.

I played amongst a group of four and after a dry run to ensure everyone was okay with the rules we begun…

Three games later and we were all totally hooked with plenty of twists and turns along the way and so many laughs I lost count.

Don’t Get Stabbed gives the victims three chances to get stabbed before dying but you can also collaborate as a group to outsmart the killer and escape once and for all.

The makers have clearly done their research with so many quirky nods to the popular sub-genre that will bring broad smiles to the faces of horror fans.

Having come from a crowdfunder campaign on Kickstarter you can tell the amount of dedication that has gone into making this game as good as it possibly can be.

Although we played the game over the Christmas period when you can sometimes get family and friends together more easily, Don’t Get Stabbed is a game that works for any occasion and is guaranteed to have everyone begging for more.

Find out more about Don’t Get Stabbed.

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