Golf Curse by Cameron Roubique review


Carrying on his year of Blood, author Cameron Roubique takes us to the golf course for his next tale of slasher themed horror.

We focus on a group of teenagers who work at the local golf course which has a deadly secret, which is about to be unleashed.

Much the same as the Kill River series and Disco Deathtrap, Roubique spends a decent amount of time building up his characters so it feels like we at least know them slightly.

The problem is that Golf Curse’ ensemble isn’t quite as compelling or endearing as that of Kill River or Disco Deathtrap. This, in turn, means that some chapters that build tension fall slightly flat because we just aren’t invested in some of the characters.

Having said this, Golf Curse does stray away from the escaped lunatic motif that many slashers fall into and provides a whole new context for a killer.

This is where Golf Curse really shines as primary villain The Chief is a Michael Myers-esque force of nature who won’t stop killing.

Having been to an abandoned water park, a New Year disco, and a golf course, it will be fascinating to see where Roubique takes his Year of Blood series next.

Golf Curse offers enough gory slasher fun for fans of 80s horror and is a fairly quick and enjoyable read.

Golf Curse is available now in Paperback on Amazon Kindle.


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