Disco Deathtrap by Cameron Roubique review

disco deathtrap 1

Carrying on where he left off with the Kill River slasher series, Cameron Roubique is back will more bloody goodness with Disco Deathtrap.

This is the first of Roubique’s Year of Blood series which focuses on the year of 1981 (the golden year of slashers) which will feature more bloodshed on different occasions.

Deathtrap starts things off with a bunch of high school kids attending a roller disco party on New Years Eve which turns into a gory nightmare.

Much like Kill River and the sequel Roubique doesn’t hold back on the violence but blends it perfectly with a mix of tension and some very unexpected twists.

We have some excellent set pieces that you can visualise taking place the big on-screen, including a scene in ceiling ducts which will give you chills.

Although a lot of the characters are quite forgettable once everything hits the fan Disco Deathtrap finds its wheels and doesn’t stop until its brutal finale.

There are hints towards a wider story which will presumably be explored in Year of Blood book 2 (I presume the recently released Golf Curse) but Deathtrap is very much its own story.

If you enjoyed Kill River and Kill River 2 this is a must read and solidifies Roubique’s name as one of the freshest horror writers out there today.

Disco Deathtrap is available now.


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