Kill River 2 by Cameron Roubique review

The challenge of sequels, especially slashers is to go bigger and bloodier, but Cameron Roubique’s Kill River 2 balances some classic kills with an endearing story.

We follow the journey of ‘final girl’ Cyndi who survived the wrath of a masked killer at the abandoned Thrill River water theme park a year ago.

Still traumatised she tries to put the past behind her by……going back to the now fully open Thrill River park. Good idea right?

Although Kill River 2 does takes it time to ramp up, it’s certainly worth the wait as the killer returns to create more tension filled havoc.

Roubique goes out of his way to really let us into the mindset of these new characters as well as developing Cyndi into a final girl to rival the likes of Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson and Sidney Prescott.

The Kill River series may just be the greatest slasher series never put to screen yet and with a third book in this series on the way; hopefully a studio will pick up on this idea and run with it.

It’s short, punchy and a worthy follow up to the original, perfect sequel? Quite possibly.

Kill River is available now on Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

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