She Never Died review


I never thought I’d see a film where I am backing an immortal cannibal…well until now.

She Never Died is the sequel to 2015’s He Never Died, which starred Henry Rollins and was directed by Jason Krawczyk. This time around directing duties fall to Audrey Cummings (Darken), with Krawczyk taking up writing duties.

There is an overriding theme of evolution and a changing world in She Never Died, as we meet Lacey a hulking cannibal whose appetite is quite particular.

This one isn’t for the squeamish but once we get past the opening scene where Lacey chomps on a sex pest, you know what sort of ride you are in for.

There’s plenty of blood but there is also some excellent action sequences with Olunike Adeliyi stealing the show as Lacey. She brings such gravitas to the role that it’s frightening but she is also able to offset this with moments of black comedy.

Yes, She Never Died is a horror film but there is some sharp wit in this script which really helps in some quite twisted scenes.

You really need to strap yourself in for this one too as She Never Died really doesn’t let up from its opening scene to its bombastic conclusion.

The conclusion hints at a larger plot, but for now this is one action horror that will delight genre fans.

She Never Died has its European premiere tonight at GrimmfestGrimmfest.

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