Crowdfunder launched for ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ documentary


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for a documentary chronicling Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Here’s the overview from their IndieGoGo page –

In 1993, New Line released the first Jason film after purchasing the character from Paramount. Bewilderingly, the studio had decided to allow 23-year-old first-time director Adam Marcus to helm the film. What followed was the most controversial installment in the horror genre’s biggest franchise. It was called Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and fans were wildly divided in their response and remain so a quarter-century later. This is the story of that film.

Few horror characters have continued to haunt the big screen like this hockey-masked killer. His name alone incites fear. He has died (a lot), come back (a lot), fought a psychic girl, taken Manhattan, been to space, fought Freddy, and been rebooted (and rebooted.. and rebooted!). Though he has been solidified as a horror icon for nearly forty years, none of his films have been more controversial than Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Twenty five years later, we want to shed some light on this incredibly polarizing installment. Love it or hate it, we are setting out to get some answers for YOU, the fans! Why were some of those creative choices made? Why was Jason a non-character in his own franchise film? Why on earth would a huge studio like New Line Cinema choose to put this legendary, blockbuster horror fan-favorite in the hands of a 23-year old Writer/Director Adam Marcus, who had NEVER written or directed a studio film in his young career?!

Well fans, you are in for a fun ride! We’ve brought together an awesome team with much of the original cast and crew from the film, including Writer/Director Adam Marcus! We (the team) aim to give fans and haters alike some raw insight into this controversial installment, as well as offer YOU the opportunity to ask your most burning questions to the cast and crew of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday!

We are ripping off the mask and hoping to offer a fresh perspective, some fan feedback, and a closer understanding of this iconic film and how it came to be.

Here are some of the cast and crew confirmed for the documentary:

Writer/Director – Adam Marcus

SFX – Robert Kurtzman

Actors – John D. LeMay, Steven Williams, Rusty Schwimmer, Richard Gant, Kipp Marcus, Andrew Bloch, Brooke Scher.

Hearts of Darkness: The Making of the Final Friday is directed by Edwin Samuelson and produced by Peter Bracke (Crystal Lake Memories), Allie Rivera, Debra Sullivan and Bryan S. Sexton.

Support Hearts of Darkness: The Making of the Final Friday on IndieGoGo.


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