Slashermania by Freaktown Comic review


For anyone who has a keen eye or ear for politics, they will tell you we live in strange times.

Having said this, our warped reality is nothing compared to the world in Freaktown Comics’ Slashermania.

Taking a love of slasher and adding social commentary on our society’s perceived obsession with violence we are brought to a gameshow (we assume on the dark web) where 10 notorious slashers, all with a unique look and apparatus are let loose at a summer camp to terrorize teenagers.

There are prizes for creative kills, the body count and surviving the ordeal, as let’s face it having 10 killers together, things could become competitive quite quickly.

Although the plot (like many slashers) does have moments of over the top gore the sheer creativity of this world they’ve created keeps you reading and guessing until the final page.

To create a film like this would be near impossible and this is why Slashermania works better as a graphic novel because it allows the writers and illustrators creative freedom it may have been more difficult to realise on film.

Slashermania is available now from Freaktown Comics.



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