Ready or Not review


Marrying into money may be more trouble than its worth.

This is the message I took away from new horror-comedy Ready or Not.

Essentially flipping the home invasion motif on its head, we follow Grace who ends up in a deadly game of hide and seek, after her marriage to ‘golden child’ Alex.

While some of the comedy beats are slightly telegraphed and don’t always hit the mark, the action sequences here are a lot of fun.

This is mainly due to a tour de force performance from Samara Weaver (yes she’s Sigourney’s daughter), who embraces the lead role with such vigour and her transformation from budding bride to kick ass is extremely well done.

She doesn’t carry the movie solely, Ready or Not’s heartbeat and moral compass lies with Adam Brody’s alcoholic brother, who is clearly disgusted with his family’s traditions and has essentially drunk away his problems.

It’s also great to Andie McDowell back on the big screen as the patriarchal mother plus Nicky Guadagni’s unhinged Aunt Helene, who brings a more visceral quality to the ensemble.

With riffs on Clue and The Purge, Ready or Not wears its influences proudly on its sleeve but still feels quite relevant and has plenty to say about how the privileged few treat and see the rest of society.

Ready or Not is a great popcorn experience that will make you laugh and also please gorehounds alike.

Ready or Not is now out in cinemas.

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