Nancy Stephens Returns for ‘Halloween Kills’


Nancy Stephens, who portrayed Nurse Marion Whittington in the original Halloween, is returning to the franchise for ‘Halloween Kills’.

Stephens has previously returned to the series in Halloween II (1981) and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. In her personal life, she is actually married to Halloween II Director Rick Rosenthal and has become a Producer in recent years in projects such as Open Heart and most recently Selah and the Spades.

She is the latest original character to return to the Halloween series, following Lindsey Wallace, Tommy Doyle and Lonny Elam being cast previously.

The rumor regarding Marion’s involvement in the story surrounds an investigation into the ‘unethical’ actions of Dr. Sartain.

Sartain, who was Michael Myers’ new doctor at Smith’s Grove Rehabilitation Facility was involved in the plot for Myers to escape the transfer bus to Glass Hill Prison plus he killed Deputy Sheriff Hawkins before bringing Michael to Laurie Strode.

Are you excited for the return of Marion? What role do you think she will play in Halloween Kills?

Halloween Kills is currently filming in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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