Drew Marvick discusses Pool Party Massacre 2


Last year’s independent slasher Pool Party Massacre really captured the spirit of the golden era of the horror sub genre with plenty of bloody glory.

Now Director Drew Marvick has launched a crowdfunder for the sequel, Pool Party Massacre 2, here’s what he had to say –

Was it always your plan to do a sequel to Pool Party Massacre?

I never really thought I would do a sequel to Pool Party, mostly because I never really thought anyone would watch the movie. Of course, I left it open for a sequel, because that’s what you do when you are making 80s inspired slasher film, but there was never a plan or a script until people started messaging me asking if I was going to make a part 2.

Were you surprised by the first film’s success?

I was totally blown away! I am still blown away every time I see a photo on Instagram of someone watching the movie, or see someone wearing a Pool Party Massacre shirt at a convention. I actually just ran after a total stranger at a horror convention and stopped him so I could get a photo with him because he was wearing a Pool Party Massacre shirt. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

What can you tell us about the story for PPM2?

Story? Who needs a story in a slasher sequel? Just kidding, sort of. I can tell you this much, it starts up right where the first one left off. You won’y miss a single second in between the two films. But instead of butchering a backyard full of annoying socialites, our killer is just going door to door terrorizing an entire neighborhood.

The film has already been crowdfunded within 10 days, I bet that was a nice welcome surprise?

It’s totally bonkers! I have never done crowdfunding for a project before. I was honestly a little afraid to do one since I have seen so many of my friends fail at them over the years. I have even been attached to several projects that never made it past the crowdfunding stage. So my approach was always to make the budget small enough that I didn’t need any help. That’s why my first short “Scared To Death” had something like an $83 budget. And when I jumped to features Pool Party Massacre had a $6,000 budget. But after hundreds of people telling me they would gladly contribute to a crowdfunding campaign if I did one, I took the risk. I doubled the budget to a whopping $12,000, jumped in a pool fully clothed, and launched an IndieGoGo campaign. Then like you said, BAM, we nailed it in only 10 days. I mean I should have known, indie horror fans are the best. But it blew my mind. As of writing this, it’s still going, we just hit our $17,500 stretch goal!!!!

How stressful are crowdfunders for independent filmmakers?

Running a crowdfunding campaign is super stressful. It totally sucks. But I suppose it’s stressful for different reasons for everybody. I didn’t have to worry about my project not getting made. Even if I only raised $100, I was still going to make Pool Party Massacre 2. I would just do what I did on the first one. Sell a bunch of my personal belongings, steal my kids piggy banks, and call in a ton of favors. So that part wasn’t stressful for me.

But with that being said, I still need to make sure I run the best crowdfunding campaign that I can possibly run, and that’s where the stress comes in. There was no way I was going to half-ass this. If I am gonna do this, I am gonna do it right. The idea of somebody giving up any amount of their hard-earned money to help me make a movie is a really big deal to me. I take it very seriously. Which is why I need to make sure I have perks that I can 100% deliver on. Run a transparent campaign, with constant communication. My backers and I are a team, a family, and I don’t want to let them down.

How will the sequel differ from the first film?

Well, hopefully, the biggest difference will be that it’s better. In any way. If there is someone out there that thinks it’s better than the first one, other than my Mom, then I will be happy. But the real differences will be the production value and the level of absurdity.

We now know that we will have a bigger budget, so production values will go up without a doubt. We’ll have better makeup fx, better kills, better camera gear, better everything but the director. And as for the story, it’s gonna be bat shit crazy. As much as the first one was inspired by my favorite 80s slashers like Slumber Party Massacre, Sleep Away Camp, April Fools Day, etc.

This sequel will be inspired by my favorite 80’s sequels like Slumber Party Massacre 2, Return of the Living Dead 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, etc. Those movies all seemed to take a crazy departure from the movies before them and had a total disregard for any rules set forth in the original film. I love that about these movies. I am hoping to match that same level of reckless abandon when making Pool Party 2. And who knows, our killer might suddenly be wearing leather and carrying a drill guitar.

The first film was gloriously gory, is the aim to do more practical effects this time around?

Yes! I believe in the campaign video I talk about the second movie having “twice” and much blood and “twice” as many kills. But in reality, it’s gonna be more like triple or quadruple. It’s gonna be a non-stop gore-fest. And all practical fx of course. I am already working with Tom Devlin from 1313fx to come up with some ridiculously cool kills.

The first film was banned from Asda Walmart supermarkets in the UK, do you feel this was a big overreaction?

It was definitely an overreaction. The UK distributor changed the DVD back cover and added a topless photo of Alexis Adams with little stars covering her nipples. I honestly think it was that image and the pull quote above it that read “F*cking Fantastic!” that caused the problem. Not the photos of kills right next to it. But hey. I wear BANNED IN THE UK like a badge of honor.

When are you aiming to release PPM2?

In a perfect world, we will have it done and ready for the world by next summer. We launched the crowdfunding campaign on September 1st this year, so I would really like to have the movie released on September 1st of next year if possible. Mostly because that’s my birthday. But there are a million things that can delay it between now and then, so we will just have to wait and see.

Support Pool Party Massacre 2 on IndieGoGo.

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