Tales from the Lodge review


When a group of friends take a trip to honour their late friend, they get more than they bargained for.

It may feel like you’ve heard that phrase countless times before on promotions for horror films. Although Tales from the Lodge does rely on some tried and tested tropes it really nails its comedic beats before descending into darkness.

From the point where a scattering of ashes into a like goes awry, you know you are in for a good time.

It’s actually quite jarring how quickly things turn bad for our group, but the shift in tone is handled perfectly by Director Abigail Blackmore in her feature-length directorial debut.

Having a cast that includes Johnny Vegas and Mackenzie Crook (both well known in comedic circles in the UK) helps to create some great black comedy as well as genuine laugh out loud moments.

Each character tells a tales throughout the film, some based on real-life and others in pure fantasy but none is finer than a tribute to 80’s vampire classic The Lost Boys, which will have you howling with laughter.

The practical effects are also superb and the violence although jarring given the blend of horror and comedy; is nailed by Blackmore.

Tales from the Lodge is also extremely self-aware, with the characters knowing they are in an isolated lodge where something strange is going on.

It sets the table well before cutting loose in a bloody finale that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Look out for Tales from the Lodge at Grimmfest 2019.

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