Rabid (2019) review

Laura Vandervoort
Credit: Film Mode Entertainment

Taking on David Cronenberg, potential the main man of body horror is no feat which makes this reboot of Rabid all the more intriguing.

The Soska Sisters (who made the superb American Mary) are no strangers to extreme horror so this felt like a natural fit in terms of directing style.

The Soska’s aren’t afraid to get down and dirty but in the early stages, it is the dialogue that really sizzles as they tackle enough social commentary for three films.

Based in the vanity riddled world of fashion we tackle issues such as body image and being Instagram ready over being happy.

The story follows Rosemira, who after a horrific car accident is left disfigured but given a lifeline with a new experimental treatment that may have sinister consequences.

Where Rabid does stumble is handling Rose’s descent and how she handles her newfound life thanks to the treatment. It felt like there was more story to be gathered on the PTSD side of things instead of her rabid nature.

The practical effects are truly stunning and action scenes where at some point all hell breaks loose shows the Soska’s at their best.

Rabid doesn’t quite stay the course and flounders in a muddled finale but there is enough to say here to make this a worthwhile watch.

Catch Rabid (2019) at Grimmfest 2019.


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