Fear Machine: New TV Series in the works from Grimmfest & Green Acre Films


Grimmfest, one of the World’s leading horror movie festivals has joined forces with UK production company Greenacre Films to develop and produce a new UK centric horror anthology TV series.

FEAR MACHINE will showcase contemporary British tales of horror which will appeal to a broad audience as well the modern horror fan.

Grimmfest director Simeon Halligan commented,

“Horror is more popular than ever, with plenty of Film and TV content coming from North America, but in the Sixties and Seventies, it was the UK who dominated the horror scene with companies like Hammer – we feel it’s time British horror was back in the limelight.”

The producers aim to showcase the best of UK talent in the genre, by presenting a series of hour-long films that will encompass suspense, horror, mystery and the super natural.

Nadine Marsh-Edwards see this as “a unique opportunity to explore new ways to comment on the human condition while being entertaining and downright scary.”




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