Haunt (2019) review


It may feel like the haunted house sub genre of horror is fast becoming bloated and quite formulaic; but after seeing Haunt it’s safe to say there’s plenty of blood left to spill.

We begin like so many slashers taking a group of friends to one location where they can be offed in creative ways. Unlike last year’s Bloodfest and Hellfest, Haunt takes our hapless group to a secluded location.

From the very first moments at this scare attraction, it’s clear that something is truly off. The characters who are all donning very retro-style Halloween masks and costumes seem a little bit more into it than they should be.

Whereas the previously mentioned scare park films pit groups against one killer, Haunt offers an entirely different approach with potentially everyone out for some bloody carnage.

The set pieces are well thought out and Haunt offers up some chilling set-pieces (including one stand out with a hall of mannequins) before it really cuts loose for an adrenaline-fuelled finale that is downright bonkers.

It’s also refreshing to see a film wearing its practical effects badge on its sleeve, especially when it comes to its villains. Let’s just say that sometimes it’s best to not know what’s under a mask.

Haunt also really captures the mood of the season of Halloween making it the perfect film to watch as 31st October draws closer.

This is definitely all treat with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

Catch ‘Haunt’ on VOD now.


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