First footage from ‘Black Christmas’ reboot released


After finishing shooting just a few weeks ago, the first trailer for Blumhouse’ reboot of yuletide slasher Black Christmas has been released.

Although using the title from the seminal Bob Clark slasher from 1974 this entry appears to be a far cry from the atmospheric chills of that film.

The trailer appears to give massive plot points away, with a group of sorority girls stalked by a cult at their college who perform blood sacrifices at Christmas.

Having said this the film does look action-packed and could be the surprise hit of the winter if the film turns out better than what is being projected at present.

Blumhouse has a proven track record of providing low budget horror thats both fun and gory and if Black Christmas proves a hit they could have stumbled upon a new yearly franchise to replace ‘Halloween’ after ‘Halloween Ends’ in 2021.

Black Christmas was directed by Sophia Takal (V/H/S, Always Shine), who also co-wrote it with former LA Weekly journalist-turned-screenwriter April Wolfe. The remake stars Poots and Cary Elwes. In addition to Poots and Elwes, Black Christmas stars Brittany O’Grady (Star), Aleyse Shannon (Charmed), Lily Donoghue (Grey’s Anatomy), Ben Black (Roman Empire), and Caleb Eberhart (The Post).

Black Christmas arrives in theaters on December 13, 2019. Check out the official trailer below:

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