IT Chapter 2 review


For horror fans it feels like IT Chapter 2 was hyped up to be our genre’s version of Avengers End Game.

Much has been made of its epic 2 hours 50 minute run time but barring a few hiccups this sequel/conclusion to the gigantic Stephen King tale hits the mark.

After 27 years away from Derry and their first encounter with Pennywise the Dancing/murderous clown, the six members of the Loser’s Club are summoned by lucky seven Mike Hanlon.

Hanlon has stayed in the town and after a familiar murder nearby the local carnival he is left in no doubt that Pennywise is back and baying for young blood.

Much like the opening of Chapter One this film opens with a truly horrific scene lifted right from the book and updated to the modern-day.

From here we are re-introduced to the Losers in what feels like a rushed montage and before you know they’re right back in Derry.

There is the running joke about people not liking Bill’s (who has become an author) latest books ending and this plays out on screen slightly as it feels like Muschietti doesn’t know how to fully round off this story.

Where Chapter 2 does strike the mark though is with the characters who are again excellently written and with grown up Losers Jessica Chastain, James Ransone and Bill Hader some truly excellent performances.

James McAvoy’s Bill feels slightly out of place while Mike isn’t given too much to do and Jay Ryan’s Ben doesn’t really shine unless bouncing off Chastain.

One of the gripes of Chapter 1 was the unnecessary use of CGI in some scenes which is something else its sequel suffers from as some of it looks downright dreadful. Given the budget of this film it would have been refreshing to put more faith into practical effects.

When Chapter 2 wants to be disturbing it hits its marks pretty much everytime and although some jump scares are telegraphed they are still effective.

In summary IT Chapter 2 probably is a bit too long but once those final credits you will almost wish there was another chapter somewhere in King’s archive he hasn’t told us about yet.

IT Chapter 2 is out in cinemas now.


  1. I just saw it last night. Absolutely loved it and loved that Stephen makes a surprise cameo. Some of the violence was a little over the top but I really enjoyed the movie and the way the movie would go back and forth with time with the characters

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