Q&A With Director of Icon – The Robert Englund Story

Exciting news has broke that horror legend and Freddy Krueger himself Robert Englund will be getting a biopic documentary.

Dead Mouse Productions which has worked on documentaries for Robocop, Police Acdemy, Night of the Demons and Pennywise: The Story of IT are taking on the task of telling Englund’s story.

We quizzed Gary Smart all about the exciting project.

Tell us why you decided to working on a documentary on Robert Englund?

Adam Evans, Chris Griffith and I have loved Robert since we were kids… I genuinely can’t remember a time when I didn’t obsess over Freddy Krueger. Like so many of my generation, I was the kid with the Freddy posters in my bedroom, I was the one sneaking copies of NOES on VHS into primary school to loan to my classmates.

As I got older I started to track down every Robert Englund movie, TV series I could find, and with his Iconic status in the horror genre, there was plenty to find. He’s such a great guy and loves his fans it just seemed so right that we give Robert the legacy project he deserves. Robert truly is this generations Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi type horror icon!

What have you found about Robert’s story so compelling?

Robert is such a versatile actor and despite being known for his iconic role as Freddy Krueger, this is man who was classically trained as an actor. His breadth of work is amazing and we hope to peel back the layers to see how brilliant Robert really is!

Do you feel he is a very underrated actor?
I genuinely feel that Robert is one of our most underrated character actors in the business today. He has such an iconic status as Freddy sometimes fans, producers and directors cant see beyond that. This is a man who is in his element with comedy and he doesn’t get to show that very often. Robert is also an amazing storyteller and he can keep you mesmerised for hours with his tales of Hollywood and the business.

Who is already involved in the project?
We’ve already got a lot of people on board as you can see at the official IMDB page.
Of course we’ll have lots of the cast and crew from the NOES series involved but we really wanted to start engaging the cast and crew from Robert’s other works first. We’ll be adding more people very soon as our USA producer Mike Perez confirms more interviews.

Will this film be a crowdfunder campaign?
Yes as with all our projects this will be crowdfunded commencing in mid-May for a shoot late July/early August in the USA. We are an independent production company with the majority of profits supporting the next project. As you know we’ve got a number of projects now in the final stages of post-production due for release by the end of 2019, start of 2020.

Do you feel Robert has one more Freddy in him before retirement?
I’d love Robert to do another Freddy, who wouldn’t? But I’d also like to see him in some mainstream movies too… he deserves it!

Was it daunting to talk to such an icon of the genre?
My first conversation was over the phone, that was surreal to say the least. This is a man who has been on posters in my bedroom when I was a kid. This is the man who I have a bust of in my office from 2001 Maniacs. This is the man who I have a life-size Freddy Krueger of in my house let alone numerous masks, busts and figures – so that first phone call was nerve-wracking yet super exciting too!

Adam and I where then invited to lunch with him in London in February as we sat waiting the nerves became unbearable until he walked into the room, gave me a big friendly hug and proceeded to chat away for the next couple of hours. He really is a true gentleman!

Can you remember the first time you saw A Nightmare on Elm Street?
The first NOES I saw was Nightmare 2… my mom bought it for me as a Christmas present on VHS when I was 5 and I remember finding it before Christmas in her wardrobe hidden, I snook it out, watched it and put it back before she wrapped it for Christmas. We were all big horror fans in my house and it was the norm to watch horror films!

What do you think it is about that the character of Freddy that has resonated with fans for so many years?
Its all to do with Robert and his comedy timing. As you know Freddy was never meant to be funny, he was a child molesting murderer, but give that role to such as versatile actor as Robert Englund and you get horrors most iconic character!

Check us out their Facebook page for all the latest updates https://www.facebook.com/RobertEnglundDoc/

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